General Information
Original Name: Rhea
Title: Titaness of Family and Nature
Race: Titaness
Gender: Female
Significant Other: Cronus (husband)
Family: Diana (daughter)
Sofia (daughter)
Calliope (daughter)
Henry (son)
Phillip (son)
Walter (son)
Status: Alive

Rhea is 'mother' of the original six council members and the wife of Cronus.


In the past, she helped Diana, Sofia, Calliope, Henry, Phillip and Walter fight against the Titans.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Rhea had dark skin and bright green eyes that stood out. She is said to have black hair but cover it in a colorful scarf. Rhea is the mother of the 6 original council members so she most likely shares some similarities in physical appearance with them. In "The Goddess Inheritance," she said to not look older that thirteen.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Creating
  • Traveling



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