You're my friend Kate and you're miserable. What could possibly be more important than taking care of you

–James to Kate in The Goddess Test

General Information
Original Name: Hermes
Title: God of Thieves & Travelers
Messenger of the Gods
Race: God
Gender: Male
Family: Walter (father)
Maia (mother)
Irene (half-sister)
Dylan (half-brother)
Theo (half-brother)
Ella (half-sister)
Xander (half-brother)
Nicholas (half-brother)
Pollux (half-brother)
Persephone (half-sister) †
Kate (half-sister)
Ava (adoptive sister) †
Eros (nephew)
Milo (nephew)
Status: Alive

James is the God of Thieves and travelers, a member of the Council and a friend of Kate Winters.


The Goddess TestEdit

James first appears at Eden High school as a part of the plan to bring Kate to Eden. He was sweet, thoughtful and considerate and perhaps the only friend that Kate made there. He drove Kate to the hospital to see her mother and offered his support to her. He was against Kate going to Eden, or more accurately anyone forcing her to do so and was adamant that she made her own choices. It was probably at this point that he started to have feelings for her. He does not reappear until much later when it is revealed that he is Henry's nephew and will take his place if Kate Winters does not pass. She becomes angry with him, believing him to be the one behind the assassination attempts and tells to go away and not come back until Spring. He breaks his promise once, hijacking her dream with her Mother to assure her of his innocence and then disappears. We next see him at the Council meeting where, despite it causing him obvious pain, he passes Kate Winters allowing her to marry Henry. When Kate leaves for the Summer he is waiting outside the gates of Eden, as if nothing has changed and they decide to travel to Greece together.

The Goddess HuntEdit

James and Kate both go to Greece together during Kate's six month long leave from Eden.


James is flirty, humorous, and kind, but also shows signs of bravery. At times he can be obsessive and sly, and has a bit of a temper.

Physical DescriptionEdit

His features still boyish but hardened and mature. With messy white-blonde hair, that stood out just as much as his overgrown ears.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Creating
  • Traveling
  • Capability of knowing where places are



Henry and James have a somewhat antagonistic relationship. This is due to James being a potential love interest for both of Henry's partners, Persephone and Kate. In addition to being a potential love interest for Persephone, James actually had a relationship with her.

Kate WintersEdit

He is affectionate of Kate and was a possible love interest for her. However, she considers him her best friend and is careful to not pass those boundaries and give him the wrong idea. He and Kate traveled together to Greece during her six month long leave from Eden.


James and Persephone once were in a relationship together, as Persephone was unhappy with her life married to Henry. Persephone broke it off when she found out that James was also sleeping around with Ava, when she slipped into a vision. She was upset that James had cheated on her with Ava.


Ava and James also had a relationship together. However, this relationship occurred midway of Persephone and James's affair together. This relationship was the reason why Persephone stopped her affair with James, upset that he had cheated on her. Ava is notorious for sleeping with many men.


  • He was a possible love interest for both of Diana's daughters, but both of them turned down his advances. Although Persephone may have engaged in a relationship with him, he was eventually turned down by her.
  • He was one of the first of The Council to form a platonic relationship with a mortal.